The Power of Community

Posted by Site Master on 12/18/2019

“The Power of Community”

Dr. Sue

It is hard to believe we are deep into December and knocking at the door of a new year. If I could only choose one word to describe our collective daily as well as the Student Success Act work to this point, it would be community.  Of the many definitions one can find for community, I offer the following: community is experienced as a unified body of individuals with common interests living in a particular area.  A pretty tall order when you consider our district community of staff and students is nearly 15,000 nested in four municipalities across two counties with a total population of nearly 80,000.

Public education is the pathway to social justice and democracy.  As a community, we have a responsibility to live and work in ways that connect, not divide us. As we have engaged as a community of this size in the Student Success Act work, it would be easy for us to not live as a unified body and take the path of least resistance, defaulting to the loudest voices advocating for a singular, exceptional position.  The last thing we need to do in our world today is cling to a way of life grounded in exceptionalism.

What I’ve witnessed with our community, in our classrooms and departments, is the strength of how we as a community work in unified ways.  We are modeling for our children how to learn and work in ways that are interconnected with a commitment to ensuring the needs of every community member are met. 

As I reflect on the coming new year, I am excited about our future. Most importantly, I am humbled by and grateful for you all – district staff, parents, civic and community partners for the special contributions you make each and every day on behalf of all of TTSD’s children. We are a community unified in the common interest and responsibility of investing in our youngest members. I thank you. It is an honor to serve as your superintendent.