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Baby Pics Due Dec. 7

Senior Baby Memories Due

Get all the information you need to submit a baby memory here.

Parents, Your babies have grown up. Help send them off to their future successes with baby picture ads in the yearbook!

We are only accepting pictures and messages turned in by email this year. Please send them to

You will still need to send or bring in a check or use the online store. Checks should be made payable to Tigard High School and can be dropped off at the front desk or at the bookeepers' office. Please put the name of your student and baby pic in the memo line. That will help the bookkeeper know to put the money in the yearbook baby picture account!

For the online purchase, "senior baby photo" will be an option. You will simply type in the amount for the size ad that you would like to purchase. 

We can only accept photo attachments that are saved as jpeg/jpg. (Sometimes scanners like to save them as a different format like .png, so please check before sending.) When sending us the email

  • Please title the email Baby Picture Submission for student last name, first name.
  • Please also name the jpeg/jpg attachments lastname.firstname.babypix1 and lastname.firstname.babypix2 etc.
  • Include your special message in the body of the email as well as the size baby picture you would like to purchase.



Size A        1/8 of a letter-sized page    1 photo and up to 50 words                 $50

Size B         ¼ of a letter-sized page     Up to 2 photos up to 100 words           $85

Size C        1/2 of a letter-sized page    Up to 3 photos up to 200 words           $180

Size D        Full letter-sized page          Up to 5 photos and up to 400 words    $300


The yearbook staff will send out confirmation emails as we receive the baby pictures, but have patience with us. We process the senior portraits first because that deadline is earlier. In March we will post a list of baby pictures, messages and checks that have been received. You should check this list if you have any concerns about what has been received.  We will also begin contacting you by email if we see that one of the three parts (picture, message or check) is missing.


Questions? Send us an email at Adviser Hillary Currier is also available to answer questions at You can leave a message at 503-431-5491.  We check emails every B day; however, we tend to get bogged down around Nov. 7 and may have a slower response time then.

Thanks for your support of our yearbook program and your seniors!