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Senior Portraits Due Dec. 7

Submit your senior portraits by email to


Guidelines: In order to create the best looking product we will only accept professional quality photos that meet the following guidelines.

  • It must be emailed to It is better if your photographer emails the portrait, but we will accept portraits emailed from personal accounts as well.
  • It must be a Jpeg/jpg attachment. We cannot accept any other file format.
  • We cannot accept Google photos shared with us.
  • It should be a minimum of 1MB.
  • Please keep a vertical 2-by-3 ratio in mind when composing the photo.
  • Head and shoulder portraits work best. Full body shots look small and out of place in the portrait section but will work if absolutely necessary. We will likely need to crop them, though, so beware.
  • All photo files must be named properly with the student’s name. Each individual photo file must be named Lastname.Firstname. For example, Smith.John.

We will not accept the following:

  • Low quality or low-resolution portraits.
  • Hard copies of photos. Please send us digital copies only.

We reserve the right to refuse

  • Photos with pets or other animals
  • Photos with weapons
  • Selfies
  • Joke photos

Note: If we refuse your photo, we will make an attempt to reach you for a different photo, but we do not have time to play around, our deadlines are firm, and we reserve the right to use your student id photo instead. To avoid any issues, please ask us questions before you submit your photo.


The yearbook staff will send out confirmation emails as we process your photos.  We will also post a list in January/February of the senior information that we have received. Please check it to make sure your portrait is included. Listen to the announcements for updates.



The best way to get in touch with the yearbook staff is to use the email address We check it every B day. The best way to reach adviser Hillary Currier is to send an email to However, you may also leave a message at 503-431-5491 and Hillary Currier or a member of the yearbook staff will get back to you in a timely fashion.