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Buy your yearbook now!


The yearbook has one fixed price this year, $60. However, we encourage students to purchase their yearbooks before Jan. 31. After that date, if you have not pre-purchased the book they will only be available first come, first serve at distribution time. In other words, if you wait, you might not get one.

Here is the link to the online payment portal. Or you can bring a check to the front office, write the student name and yearbook 20-21 in memo line.


In addition to the regular yearbook, you may want to buy the spring supplement, which is mailed directly to your house. This separate supplement, which costs $10 through the bookkeeper, includes spring sports, graduation and other activities. Or, if we have a year like last year, there will still be a supplement covering the last news and events of the school year and focusing on the senior class.

Please note: students MUST pick up the yearbook they ordered and paid for before September of the next school year. After that time, the remaining yearbooks will be sold, and refunds will not be given to students who did not pick up their yearbooks. Yearbooks are in great demand, and the school does not have the storage space to store extras.