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What will this year's book be like?

People have asked, "what is going to be in this year's yearbook?"

     This year everything has been coming at us from a screen. The yearbook will be the one tangible record of this crazy, historic year. It will be something physical to evoke a memory of a school year that was like no school year before. We probably won’t be able to pull our chromebooks off the shelf to show to our children one day, but we can show them this yearbook.

     Since nothing about life or school is following the usual pattern, so too our yearbook coverage has had to adapt. However, we are planning to fill just as many pages as we did last year and offer the voices and stories and faces of many students in our community. 

     A few of the topics we have covered so far are the wildfires of the early fall, FOCO (fake homecoming), senior sunrise, pets of the pandemic, the THS Veteran’s Day commemoration, and freshman chromebook pickup. We have student profiles in the works, with the stories of interesting students, and faculty interviews, and a page called “Show us your workspace.” And of course, we will still have our class pages with student portraits.

     Our stories are tending to be longer; our photos fewer and larger. The look of the book will be more like a magazine than the typical yearbook. Our focus seems to be a little broader this year. While there isn’t that much happening inside the school building itself, (except a lonely tiger playing basketball by himself) there’s a lot going on in the community, state, and country that affects our student body.

     We have had to adapt to crowd-sourcing photos rather than taking them ourselves; we haven’t been able to interview people in person; there haven’t been any events we could attend. However, we are still finding creative ways to tell the story of the year.

     We know there will be students who think they don’t want to remember this year, and others who don’t want to pay $60 for a yearbook for a year of school from home. We understand. But we still have our mission to tell the story of this year. 

     We hope there will be seniors who will want to add that fourth book to the collection on their shelf, and freshmen who are excited to start their collection.

     What we can say for sure is it's going to be a yearbook LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

lonely tiger