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K-8 Enrichment Summer School Program

Planning: Just underway and hope to have a session format and registration ready to share before the last day of school.

Save the Date: K-8 Enrichment Summer School Sessions will take place starting on July 11th and run through August 5th. (sessions and format still being developed)

Registration: Registration will be open to incoming Kindergarteners through current 8th grade students who are transitioning to 9th grade.

Look For: We are working on providing more information coming soon specific to…

• Number of sessions per week (4 weeks)

• Length of sessions

• Class offerings at each grade level range

• Transportation sign up

• Food information and sign up

• Location(s)

• Other

Reminder: Session offerings and number of sessions is dependent on the number of staff who sign up to teach. We are beginning our recruitment processes which will inform our continued planning.