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School Photo FAQ's & Link

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Here are some FAQs


I’m a senior. Do I need to do this?

No. The yearbook staff has collected senior photos in a different way. Senior ID numbers aren’t even in the system.


Should I use a phone or my chromebook?

Any computer with a camera will work fine, but for best results, our yearbook company recommends a phone (because the camera is better and apparently, it’s faster too) and a person—like a parent or sibling—to take the photo (because the angle and distance from the camera will be better). 


How do I make sure I have a good quality image?

We recommend a well-lighted space and a solid-colored wall. Have a light source, like a window, in front of you not behind or to the side. 


What rules apply?

These are simple head and shoulder shots. No photos with pets or other people. No photos with hand signs or gestures. We have a preference for no hats. No photos with clothing that has inappropriate language. No joke photos. Just take a photo like you normally would on school photo day. Smile and act natural. (If your photo does not meet the standards, it can be rejected. If that is the case, you will receive an email that prompts you to take the photo again.)


Can I turn in my own photo from my camera roll or a picture a professional photographer took?

No. The program we are using this year doesn’t work that way.


I don’t want a yearbook this year, why should I do this?

This photo will also be your school ID photo for the year. It will be the photo that the school can load into Synergy. Every student in grades 9-11 must do this.


What browsers work best? 

Google Chrome and Safari. If you are having trouble with an Android device, try the Google Chrome browser


Why should I add my email address when it prompts after submitting my photo?

This is the only way that we will be able to reach you to tell you to take another photo if your original photo is rejected.