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Next Scrip order date is Tuesday, January 22!

 SCRIP IS BACK! So, what is Scrip? Scrip is a gift card support fundraising program that takes advantage of everyday shopping. You purchase gift cards to use for your weekly/monthly shopping needs. The percentage next to the vendor is a profit for the PSO. Profits can also be designated to several different categories to use for specific student fees. Check out the Scrip Profit Categories form for more information.

The next order date is 1/22/19 due by 11:30am on Monday. 

Our next Scrip order date is Tuesday, January 22nd, due to the main office by 11:30am. Receive it back on Thursday afternoon. Order forms are available on the school website, go to the parents tab, then to scrip or you can pick up a copy in the main office. Please contact Angela with any questions: