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EASH stands for education, accountability, solutions and healing. This is part of a Tigard-Tualatin School District initiative to combat hate speech and bias in our schools. These efforts came directly from Tigard High School students who believed we, as teachers and administrators, could do more to eliminate hate speech and bias in our schools if we addressed these problems sooner. That’s what all schools in TTSD have been asked to do, and we’re working on that here at Templeton. In the feedback we’ve received from families, our best opportunity to improve in this area is to communicate directly what happens at Templeton when hate speech is reported to a staff member as well as ensuring that all students know how to report it. You will find our EASH plan attached below. We'll also have this posted on our website.

Templeton's EASH PlanWritten Communication.pdf


Rory      Massar

Rory Moore                     Michelle Massar
Principal                          Associate Principal