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Message from the New Principal

Rory Moore

Hello Templeton Tigers,

I’m so excited to be joining you this year as your principal! I was asked to share a little bit about myself. I’m the second child and the oldest son of four. I grew up in the Portland area. My dad owned and operated a small business and my mom was a teacher. I lost my mom 9 years ago to cancer. My parents had a huge impact on me. My dad helped build my character and led me to become goal-oriented and focused on tangible results, while my mom taught me to honor the process and inspired me to focus my life toward helping others. My parents have a lot of grit and their example of managing challenges has always been a source of confidence for me when life gets hard.

The person who’s had the biggest impact on our family is my brother, Brandon. Brandon has classic autism, which impacts him every day. Brandon has really inspired me to value inclusion and equity and to ensure school is a place where all kids feel welcome and respected, regardless of who they are or how they experience the world. I believe when we do that we’re giving kids what they need to learn and have the greatest opportunity to thrive. All students can learn, and we as educators are responsible for making sure that happens. I want all students to leave Templeton with the confidence and freedom to pursue their dreams.

I’ve been fortunate to work at elementary, middle and high schools, with a very brief stint in a district office position. The majority of my teaching career was spent working at the middle school level as a special education teacher, primarily working with students who struggle with reading and managing their behavior. I’ve been in Tigard-Tualatin for the past 12 years and the principal at Alberta Rider Elementary for the past 6. I love being an elementary school principal and was ready for a new challenge. The Templeton community’s reputation is a big part of why I was ready to make a change and that’s why I’m so grateful to be your next principal.

Also, a couple things about me, I live in SE Portland with my wife Lindsey and my dogs, Porter and Polly. Lindsey is my best friend and my favorite thing to do is spend time with her. She has been a school psychologist in TTSD for 15 years. I’m a huge Blazer fan and I really like to read and exercise. My life has been very blessed and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve TTSD and I’m extremely excited to be leading Templeton’s amazing community and staff!


Rory Moore
Templeton Elementary School (Starting July 1st, 2022)