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No Place for Hate

Durham is taking action against bullying and bias by investing in No Place For Hate. This is a national program designed to engage students in dialogue to learn how to support one another through kindness and caring. It is important to recognize our 45 fifth grade school ambassadors who are leading the implementation of this initiative. Their connection to one another, our staff, and community offers a unique perspective; ensuring the program is student-centered and student-driven. Over the course of the school year, the ambassadors will choose three major projects, a highlight of their effort to ensure Durham is an inclusive community.

Our first project will include the opportunity for all students to get involved and commit to practicing kindness by signing the No Place For Hate pledge. Signing day is February 25th, during students' lunch hour. February also happens to be kindness month! Every student will receive a kindness bracelet, meant to celebrate and serve as a reminder that kindness can be practiced everyday.


No Place for Hate Pledge

  • I promise to do my best to treat everyone fairly.
  • I promise to do my best to be kind to everyone - even if they are not like me.
  • If I see someone being hurt or bullied, I will tell a teacher.
  • Everyone should be able to feel safe and happy at school.
  • I want our school to be No Place for Hate