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Tigard High School Modernization Project

Tigard High’s Modernization Project was developed in two distinct phases, with the first phase of construction wrapping up in September of 2019. This first phase included: the completion of the new classroom wing and centralized administration offices along Durham Road; the new CTE/Arts wing that houses new computer graphics, video production, computer science, journalism, drawing, ceramics, makerspace, and engineering programs; and new office spaces for our counseling and student services staff. 

Phase two of the Modernization Project concluded in the fall of 2020, and the new spaces included in this phase include:

  • A new “commons” area, at the base of the newly constructed learning stairs, will expand seating capacity for over 500 students to eat breakfast or lunch, congregate for class assemblies, and provide a large space for other special gatherings. 
  • A new auxiliary gym and athletics complex is being completed on the west side of campus (attached to the existing main gym which will continue to be used for varsity competitions and all-school assemblies). The new athletics complex will house a sunken gym space flanked by seating for 600 spectators, new men’s and women’s locker room facilities, a new weight room, team rooms, wrestling room, aerobics room, and a health classroom. 
  • Our business department has three new classrooms being constructed along “main street” and connected to the new commons and courtyard. Their new space will include space for a student store which will be active at various points during the day.
  • A cantilevered bleacher enclosure is being constructed on the south side of campus next to the track building/facility. When completed this summer, this enclosure will provide seating for our track team participants and spectators, and a covered space for families and students to watch soccer games.