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School Supplies List

Here is the list of school supplies you will need this year at TTOA:

school supplies Yes, online school does require you to have supplies! Sometimes it comes as a surprise to students because they envision doing everything online. The reality is, students benefit from taking notes and working out problems with pen and paper. This is especially true for tactile learners. (What type of learner are you?)

Here is the list of school supplies you will need this year at TTOA:

  1. Binder with dividers or folders to organize your work
  2. Planner to Organizer Due Dates (electronic planners or calendars are fine)
  3. Paper or spiral notebooks
  4. Pens/Pencils
  5. Calculator (optional for math and science courses; ask Ms. Pyatt for your specific needs)
  6. Flash (jump) drive (optional as Google Docs or similar services can be used)
  7. Headphones (optional for multimedia content; also available at the Learning Center)
  8. Paper for Printing (optional; printing and faxing is available at the Learning Center)

Additionally, expect to have the following…

  1. Dedicated work space at home (or at the Learning Center) to complete your course work. You will be spending approximately 2 hours per day per class working. Make your space comfortable with limited distractions. If you need supplies for this, add them to your list or visit the Learning Center to see what our space looks like.
  2. Telephone access to call teachers for Discussion Assessments and Teacher Reviews. Skype or Google Hangout may also work for some teachers. Phones are available at the Learning Center.
  3. Computer and internet access. Again, these are available at the Learning Center.
  4. An internet browser that works with GradPoint, Edgenuity, Gmail, and Google Docs. GradPoint, Edgenuity and Gmail are required by our program. Word processing will be needed in some courses. Internet browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and a few other common browsers currently work with these applications.