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May Mileage

Blazing Bulldogs May Mileage Is Still Happening This Year!
What is May Mileage?
May Mileage is a running program to get our Bulldogs moving! This program is open to all students and is free to participate.

We normally do this program at lunch in May.  This year, we are bringing the program to you!

Students run/walk to earn Toe Tokens for their swag chains. Students report their mileage or time report daily via our Goggle Form.  We will recognize our Bulldog Runners each week.

Can't calculate your miles? No problem. Log the total number of minutes you walk or run each day and we'll  estimate your mileage for you.  
1 LAP around BRIDGEPORT TRACK= 1/8 mile (or .1255 miles)
1/8= 1 time around track (.125 miles)
2/8=1/4= 2 times around track (.25 miles)
3/8= 3 times around track (.375 miles)
4/8=1/2= 4 times around track (.5 miles)
5/8= 5 times around track (.625 miles)
6/8= 3/4= 6 times around track (.75 miles)
7/8= 7 times around track (.875 miles)
8/8= 8 times around track (1 mile)
All prizes will be distributed to students (in the classrooms, available for pick up, or mailed) at the conclusion of the month.
Up for an Extra Challenge?
Join our Marathon Milers Club!  Kids that log 26.2 miles in the month of May will earn a special Marathon token.

Contact with questions.