Elementary Distance Learning

  • Teaching staff will provide materials for the learning your child would be doing at home. These will be provided on your student’s device (IPAD, chromebook, or other) and will include online lessons, interactive sessions with teachers, and blended learning activities. Teachers may use different ways to deliver these including recorded videos, slideshows and SeeSaw or Google Classroom.  Teachers will also be making some personal connections with your student either by phone or by video. 

    What can I do as a parent/family to support my elementary learner?

    There are many things that you can do to help your child be successful in distance learning:


    • Create a routine.  Set up a normal daily schedule for your child. It will be important to include time for assignments, teacher online check-ins and regular physical activity. These daily routines are important in setting and maintaining a structure for learning.
    • Make Sure that Your Child is Able to Find and Open Assignments.  Work with your child to be sure that they can get online and are able to use both Google Classroom/SeeSaw.  Reach out to counselors, teachers, or administrators if your child isn’t able to participate in the provided activities. Contact the TTSD Help Desk at (503) 431-4051 if there are issues with technology.
    • Engage in Learning With Your Child.  We recognize that some families might also be working from home and will need to balance between engaging in their child’s learning and other responsibilities.  However, we encourage you to monitor and discuss what your child is learning. It’s helpful to watch instructional videos, go over assignments and check daily and weekly progress together. Your interest and involvement is an important part of helping your student to stay on track.
    • Check Your Email/SeeSaw Messages Regularly.  All updates from the school district, your school principal and teachers will be sent by email.  It’s important that you have an active email and that you check these messages daily.  
    • Reach Out for Help and Support.  If you need support with basic needs (food, counseling) or technology support, please reach out to your child’s teacher, school counselor, principal or the technology Help Desk.  We are ready to assist in any way that we can.
    • Be Flexible and Patient.  This is new for all of us. Understand that we will all work through this together as a team, but it will be different than attending school and learning face-to-face.  It will take some time getting used to and there may be times when things are frustrating. If this happens, please contact your teacher or the HelpDesk and we will do our best to help. Above all, please have patience with both us and your child as we move through this new world together.