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    Title I is a federally funded program designed to help students who need extra intervention and support in school.  Funds are given to each school district dependent upon the number of low-income families in the district.  Title I is based on a the idea that all students can succeed.  The state sets high academic standards that each child is expected to work toward achieving.  The Tigard-Tualatin School District, individual schools, and parents work together to plan programs to help children accelerate their learning.  Parents are encouraged to become involved in the design and operation of the Title I program. Each school plans their own Title I program based on their school needs, so each one will look a little different.

    Seven of our eleven elementary schools have school Wide Title I programs.  Students are eligible for the program based on multiple measures of student achievement.  Each school decides which grade levels and subjects to target and serve.


    Title I services are available in the following schools:

    • Bridgeport Elementary
    • Charles F. Tigard Elementary
    • Deer Creek Elementary
    • Durham Elementary
    • Metzger Elementary
    • Templeton Elementary
    • Tualatin Elementary


    Children are selected to receive service on the basis of multiple, educationally related, objective criteria established by the district and supplemented by the school.

    Eligible children are those who are at risk of not meeting the grade level benchmark reading scores or proficiency in the state's achievement standards.  

    Along with academics, additional risk factors include:

    • Children who are economically disadvantaged
    • Children with disabilities
    • Migrant Children
    • Limited English proficient children
    • Children who qualify as Neglected or Delinquent
    • Homeless Children
    • Those children who within the previous two years have participated in Head Start, Even Start, Early Reading First, Title I Pre-School, or Part C


    Each Title I Program has a written plan that summarizes information about different programs and planning elements that will ensure eligible students have the assistance they need to meet the state's academic achievement standards.

    Parent Involvement

    Parents are encouraged to participate in the design of their school's Title I program, to volunteer at school, to attend parent conferences, open houses', and to work closely with their child at home and with the teachers at school.  Parents are invited to participate in the planning of the district plan and other events and parent activities available at their neighborhood schools.

    Private Schools

    Low-performing, low-income private school students who live within the Title I school attendance area are eligible for Title I services. Criteria similar to that of public schools may be used to determine student eligibility.  Public and private school staff must collaborate to determine the services that are most appropriate.  Services must be secular, non-ideological, and equitable to those provided to public school students. Student academic progress must be reported to the district staff.



  • Laura Kintz

    Laura Kintz
    Associate Director of Teaching & Learning
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    Heidi Reang
    District Homeless Liaison
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