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    In Tigard-Tualitin School District, we are proud to serve over 1,000 English Language Learners (ELLs) who represent 64 diverse languages. These students make up a vibrant and culturally diverse population in our school district, and we are proud to offer these students a dynamic and growing English Language Development (ELD) program.

    Our ELD services start in Kindergarten and go all the way through twelfth grade. We service our students based on their Language Level and assess them annually with the State approved and mandated ELPA21 (English Language Proficiency Assessment). Students meet the ELD exit criteria for ELPA21 when they score Early Advanced or Advanced in all four domains of the assessment: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

    Students entering our ELD services as Beginner Language Learners are offered extended time, or a double dose, of ELD services to accelerate language acquisition while providing the additional support students often need when entering an English-only academic environment and/or adjusting to a new and foreign culture.

    We welcome parent involvement and engagement in our programs and school and also encourage your feedback. You can contact the ELD teacher at your child’s school (check your school’s directory) or the ELD TOSA, Mandi Morris (see contact information below). 


ELD Curriculum

  • National Geographic Curriculum Reach

    National Geographic Reach 
    Elementary Curriculum 

    English 3D Curriculum

    English 3D
    Secondary Curriculum

ELD Screening Tests

  • English Language Development Assessments Grade Level Description
    Correct Word Sequence K-12

    Students are presented with a "story starter" and asked to write on that story in English for three minutes.  The spelling, fluency and sequence of a student's words has a strong correlation to their level of English Proficiency.

    District Benchmarks Document

    Express Quick Screen K-12

    This one-on-one oral assessment provides a quick gauge of English Proficiency through a series of questions of gradually increasing difficulty. 

    District Benchmarks Document


Director of ELD

  • Todd Robson Todd Robson

Title III Administrator


  • Amanda Morris Mandi Morris
    (503) 431-4131

ELD Administrative Specialist

  • Maribel Avalos Maribel Avalos

  • I have an EL in my class . . . now what?

  • Interpretation and Translation