Assessment and Program Evaluation

  • The Assessment Department at Tigard-Tualatin School District is responsible for facilitating the administration of standardized assessments and promoting the effective use of assessment data within the district.  Assessments provide educators with measurable data of student performance on both behavioral and academic expectations.  Such information can be used to evaluate student abilities, inform classroom instruction, and improve educational programs.

  • Screening and Progress Monitoring tests are short, targeted assessments which provide teachers with a quick indication of a student's skill level and the possible need for educational interventions.

TWI Reading Screening Tests

  • Reading Assessments Grade Levels


     TWI Reading Measures
    (El Camino, EasyCBM, IDEL, MAZE)

    Provides a number of measures which can be administered quickly to individual students to assess their Reading abilities in Spanish as appropriate for their grade level.  Tigard-Tualatin uses a mixture of IDEL, EasyCBM, El Camino, and MAZE tests to measure students' skills which range from the awareness of letter sounds (Phonemic Awareness) and the ability to blend them (Nonsense Word Fluency) to  speed and accuracy when reading aloud (Oral Reading Fluency).

    District TWI Reading Benchmarks Document

Math Screening Tests

  • Math Assessments Grade Level Description
    Missing Number  K Students are presented with a a sequence of numbers with one number removed.  This task measures number recognition and sequencing.
    Math Fluency  1-5

    Timed, paper-pencil tests that contain a random sample of the basic math facts. It measures overall mathematical competence through accuracy and fluency. 

    Math Fluency Benchmarks - Updated 2018-19

    Math Fluency Percentiles

ELD Screening Tests

  • English Language Development Assessments Grade Level Description
    Correct Word Sequence K-12

    Students are presented with a "story starter" and asked to write on that story in English for three minutes.  The spelling, fluency and sequence of a student's words has a strong correlation to their level of English Proficiency.

    District Benchmarks Document

    Express Quick Screen K-12

    This one-on-one oral assessment provides a quick gauge of English Proficiency through a series of questions of gradually increasing difficulty. 

    District Benchmarks Document


Other Assessments

  • Other Assessments Grade Level Description
    Oregon Kindergarten Assessment K Given as students enter Kindergarten, this assessment measures their skills in several areas.  Due to the timing of this assessment, the district will be using this tool alongside other screening measures in the fall.
  • Summative


    Summative assessments are assessments of student learning.  They take place after instruction and measure the degree to which students are able to demonstrate their ability with educational content they have already learned.  Results from summative assessments can be used to measure students' proficiency with content, their readiness for the next level of content, and to evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs.

    Summative Assessment Description

    Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills


    The OAKS test is an online adaptive test of Oregon content standards in Reading, Math, Science and Social Science.  These tests are used as an indicator of students' proficiency with grade level content and are the basis of school accountability at the state and federal level.
    Smarter Balanced Assessment

    An online adaptive test of the Common Core State Standards to be used by multiple states.  This test replaced the OAKS assessments in 2014-15


    Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Test Administration Resources

    • Test Administration Manual
    • Oregon Accessibility Manual
    • Essential Skills Manual
    • Extended Assessment Manual
    • Test Administration User Guide
    • Training Materials


    Explore, Plan, and ACT tests

    A series of curriculum based tests which gauge readiness for college course work, provide studying recommendations and which are accepted by many major colleges.
    End of Course Assessments Teacher designed tests aligned to essential learnings from district level courses.  Primarily used to demonstrate student mastery of and readiness for Mathematic content.

    English Language Proficiency Assessment


    Measures the English language acquisition of students who are learning English as a second language.

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