Assessment and Program Evaluation

  • The Assessment Department at Tigard-Tualatin School District is responsible for facilitating the administration of standardized assessments and promoting the effective use of assessment data within the district.  Assessments provide educators with measurable data of student performance on both behavioral and academic expectations.  Such information can be used to evaluate student abilities, inform classroom instruction, and improve educational programs.

  • Screening and Progress Monitoring tests are short, targeted assessments which provide teachers with a quick indication of a student's skill level and the possible need for educational interventions.

Reading Screening Tests

TWI Reading Screening Tests

Math Screening Tests

ELD Screening Tests

Other Assessments


  • Summative

    Summative assessments are assessments of student learning.  They take place after instruction and measure the degree to which students are able to demonstrate their ability with educational content they have already learned.  Results from summative assessments can be used to measure students' proficiency with content, their readiness for the next level of content, and to evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs.

Summative Assessments

Assessment Professional Development

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District Assessment Coordinator

  •  Paul Verstraete   Paul Verstraete

Assessment Assistant

  • Magda Rhode   Magda Rhode

Data and Budget Analyst

  • Scott Burich   Scott Burich