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    ** Oasis **

    Over the course of her enrollment in CE2  Oasis has shown amazing improvement and motivation to graduate.  Oasis regularly starts her day in CE2 with a smile and a good attitude.  Oasis's internship placements have been opportunities for her to grow as an individual and as a student.  Oasis commitment to graduating high school and attending college to become a nurse is something that shines in CE2.  Oasis works well with her peers and within her role at community businesses,  and she is always willing to support those around her.    She has been willing to do the hard work it takes to reach her big goals.  There is still work to do,  but Oasis has shown that she is beyond capable of achieving the highest success.  We are so lucky to have Oasis in the CE2 Family.  We can't wait to see where she goes next!!   You got this Oasis!!



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