Hazelbrook PSO
  • What is the HMS PSO? The Hazelbrook Support Organization (PSO) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to enriching the educational experience at Hazelbrook by providing volunteers, encouragement and funds for needed supplies, programs and other school activities. Our goal is to create a positive space for our children, teachers and staff to thrive.

    Who is in the HMS PSO? Just by having a student at Hazelbrook, you are already a member of the PSO! Welcome.

    PSO Board Positions: We invite you to contact us at hmspsopresident@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the following available positions on our Board:

    President: Run monthly PSO meetings. Act as liaison between school staff and PSO members. Assist and facilitating PSO activities and events.

    Vice President: Assist the PSO President in running meetings and facilitating PSO activities; act as liaison between school staff and PSO members.


    Current PSO Board:
    Interim President: Leah Findtner
    Treasurer: Hayley Frink
    Secretary: Renee Schaefer
    Volunteer Coordinator: Amy Erland

    For more information, visit us on social media or email us:
    Facebook: Hazelbrook Families Group (submit request to join group)
    Email: hmspsopresident@gmail.com
    See our PSO Calendar page for PSO meeting dates.