• 2020 Winter After School Activities

    Winter ASA Snowflake

    January 13th-February 27th


    Winter After School Activities begin Monday, January 13, 2020.  Activities are open to all students, all grades and include a "no-cut-all-play" philosophy. In addition to sports, we offer some just for fun activities and Homework Help. We are always open to suggestions about new activities.

    Most activities are two days a week (M/W) or T/Th) for an hour (3:40-4:40pm) with activity buses available at 4:45pm. Activity buses follow three activity routes. There is a fee of $20 for each activity unless notes below, and scholarships are available. Please encourage your child to participate; activities are an excellent way to build relationships with students and teachers. Here are the activities listed for the Winter session:

    • LGBT Affinity Group
    • Back Stage Crew for Play
    • Basketball
    • Black Student Union
    • Dodgeball
    • Gaming Club
    • Indoor Soccer
    • Laser Cut Light Box (20 student limit)
    • MECha (formerly H.O.T.)
    • OBOB (Oregon Battle of Books)
    • Pacific Islander/Asian Affinity Group
    • Volleyball
    • Homework Help

    Behavior and Bus Guidelines:

    1. Each student needs to report to the activity by 3:40pm. Excessive tardiness can result in suspension from activity.
    2. Respectful/Cooperative behavior is extremely important in all activities. Any student not following expectations could be suspended from the activity.
    3. Only students participating in an activity will be allowed to ride the activity bus and they will receive a bus pass from the activity instructor.
    4. While riding on the bus, each student must follow the bus expectations. Students must ride the bus they are assigned according to their home address. If there are behavior issues on the bus, we may ask parents to provide transportation.
    5. Students must maintain a "C" average or better in all classes or they may be asked to attend Homework Help until their grades improve.
    6. No refunds will be made if a student is suspended from an activity due to misbehavior.


    Winter ASA Registration Form