• 2022 Spring After School Activities

    April 4 - May 19

    The cost is $20 per activity. Homework Help is $10. Affinity Groups are Free

    (Scholarships are available)

    Activities are held on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday and run from 3:15pm-4:15pm.

    Students go to the main office to sign up and pay their fees

    Scholarships are available to any student who needs one

    Statistics prove that adolescents are more likely to feel connected to their school and perform better academically when participating in extracurricular activities.  
    Encourage your student to get involved!

    Monday/Wednesday Activities
    VOLLEYBALL: Bump, set, spike! Come play volleyball with Ms. Coursolle and Ms. Wittgow from Tigard HS! You will get to play against the other two middle schools. 40 student cap. If you want a t-shirt, the cost is $10 additional.
    ART CLUB: Art is for everyone, so let's make art! Come to the Ceramics Room with Ms. Rademacher to draw together and make awesome things with clay! Make new friends or do art on your own. All are welcome. 30 student cap. 
    FOWLER NEWS CLUB: Join this group and write about the happenings at Fowler! Report on ASA games, lunch events, and write what you think about. This group publishes the Fowler News Network. Open to writers of all kinds who want a space to write. Come work on any kind of writing -- from class assignments to the next great novel. With Dr. Sacks in Room 33. 
    GIRLS ON THE RUN: Come run with us! Girls on the Run is an all-girls running club that focuses on inspiring girls to value what makes them unique. Together, teams uncover confidence and understand the importance of physical and emotional health. At the end of the season, you will participate in a 5K race on May 21st, where girls celebrate who they are, how far they have come, and where they want to go. Girls on the Run programming is designed to foster new, positive relationships between peers, and strive to create an environment inclusive of participants with varying physical abilities, cultural identities, and gender identities. We use the word “girl” in the gender expansive sense of the word and welcome the participation of youth that identify as girls, gender expansive, or gender non- conforming. Led by Ms. Trunkey on the track. 15 student cap. Visit https://www.gotroregon.org/Our-Programs for more information! Starts on March 28.
     Monday Only Activities
    MENA: With Mr.Gay
    CHEERLEADING: Come learn what it takes to be a cheerleader. Learn all of the basic fundamentals of cheerleading. Cheers, Motions, Dance, Jumps, Kicks, Voice Projection, and Spirit! No experience required. With Ms. Specht in the Upper Gym. Mondays only. Only $10
     Tuesday Only Activities
    BSU: With Ms. Hayes and Mx. Ash
     Wednesday Only Activities
    MEChA: with Mr. Torres
    LGBT: with Mx. Ash
    PIA: with Mx. Ahtoong
    No Place For Hate: With Ms. Vega
    BASKETBALL: Like to shoot, score, rebound, pass, and play defense? If so, then this is where you need to be. Come and learn the fundamentals and have fun playing a variety of games with your friends. You will get to play against the other two middle schools. With Mr. Devonte Cullum in the Upper Gym. Wednesdays only. 35 student cap. Only $10
    SCIENCE CLUB: Come join Mr. Gay and do science! Science club will give students a space to practice scientific and critical thinking skills by participating in discussions and experiments. We will discuss solutions for worldwide issues using a science lens. Wednesdays only in Room 29. Only $10
    Tuesday/Thursday Activities
    SOCCER: Come be part of this great team! Grow your skills and have fun playing scrimmages, scoring goals, and more. You will get to play against the other two middle schools. With Mr. Torres on the outdoor field.
    TENNIS: Come play tennis with Mr. Simonoff! Learn how to hit, serve and have fun outside this spring. Located on the tennis courts. 30 student cap. 
    VIDEO GAME CLUB: Can’t get enough of video game playing? Then join this gaming club in the Ceramics Room with Ms. Rademacher! 30 student cap. 
    BOARD GAMES: Want to play board games or D&D? Come join Ms. Henry in Room 35 and play games with your friends! 30 student cap. 
    Monday to Thursday Activities
    HOMEWORK HELP: is a space for students to complete their homework and get help if they need it. Offered Monday-Thursday on a drop-in basis. Students may attend as many days as they need. Spanish speaking support is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Meets in the Library. Cost $10 


    An activity bus will be provided to take students home.  The buses will leave at 4:25 pm. 

    Questions? email Mrs. Roshak, eroshak@ttsd.k12.or.us, or call (503)431-5062

    1) Every student is to report to the meeting place by 3:15pm.
    2) Cooperative behavior is extremely important in all activities. Any student who misbehaves will be given 3 warnings. After the third warning, he/she may be suspended from the activity.

    3) While riding home on the BUS, each student must agree to behave appropriately. Each student needs to ride the bus that they are assigned to and adhere to the rules of the bus driver.

    4) No refunds will be made if a student is dismissed from an activity due to poor behavior.
    Spring 2022 ASA Form - There are three (3) forms that must to be turned in with the money to register.
    Spring 2022 ASA Form Español - Hay tres (3) formularios que deben presentarse con el dinero para registrarse.
    Spring 2022 Affinity Group Form - There are three (3) forms that must to be turned in with the money to register.
    Spring 2022 Affinity Group Form Español - Hay tres (3) formularios que deben presentarse con el dinero para registrarse.