• 2022-2023

    Dear Students,

    Welcome to the Academic Planning Guide for the school year 2022-2023. This year, Tualatin High School celebrates 30 years of excellence in the “Four A’s”: Academics, Activities, Athletics, and the Arts. For almost three decades, our school has performed as one of the best comprehensive high schools in the state, and our students strive for academic excellence.

    In academics, Tualatin High School leads the way. From the International Baccalaureate program to expanded “Dual Credit” classes and career related learning pathways, our challenging and diverse programs are designed to meet student needs in preparing them for future success in college and careers. Our average test scores on ACT and SAT consistently exceed state and national averages. The large majority of our graduating seniors attend 2-year or 4-year colleges and universities throughout the country. Tualatin High School is consistently recognized by the State of Oregon and other institutions for our exceptional graduation rate and closing the achievement gap.

    In activities, athletics, and the arts, our students and teams are successful in numerous and varied competitions. Since our founding, our athletic teams have won more than 25 state championships. Our Future Business Leaders of America and visual and performing arts students continue success through state and individual competitions, with the arts providing our greater community with outstanding artistic displays and performances.

    Tualatin High School is committed to innovation and the development of effective programs. Students are inspired, prepared, and empowered to confidently pursue their post-secondary goals and have the skill and academic foundation to successfully achieve them. We challenge you to take a rigorous academic path, get involved in activities, and make a difference at our school!

    Your Administrative Team,


     Michael Dellerba




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