Submit your senior portraits by email to

    By the end of the day on Tues. Nov. 21 (before November break)

    Guidelines: In order to create the best looking product, we will only accept professional quality photos that meet the following guidelines.

    Your photo should be:

    • A JPEG/JPG attachment. We cannot accept any other file format.
    • Named properly with the student’s name. 
      • Each individual photo file must be named Lastname.Firstname. For example, Smith.John.
      • We have to use your recorded name that the school has on file in the yearbook. If you’d like to go by something other than what is listed there, please go to the counseling department to have it changed. 
    • 2 x 3 ratio 
    • Focused on the head and shoulders of the graduate.
    • At least 300 PPI or DPI (resolution must be high enough to be printed well)

    We will not accept the following:

    • Files smaller than 1MB.
    • Google photos shared with us.
    • Low quality or low-resolution portraits.
    • Hard copies of photos. Please send us digital copies only.

    We reserve the right to refuse:

    • Photos with pets or other animals
    • Photos with weapons
    • Selfies
    • Joke photos

    Note: If we refuse your photo, we will make an attempt to reach you for a different photo, but we do not have time to delay and we reserve the right to use your student id photo instead. To avoid any issues, please ask us questions before you submit your photo.