• Quarter 4 Details April 19

  • We are so glad we have students in the building!
    We will post all pertinent information on this page, so feel free to check back for updates
  • Details About School Pictures

     Portraits on a Table, Dorian Studio


    Picture Day is May 3 & 4

    Pictures will be taken the day your student is in the school for either Cohort A or Cohort B.

    If you have an online learner you can schedule an appointment by clicking here between 2:50-4:20pm each day. Appointments ARE required. Click here for a flyer with instructions specific to your appointment.

    You may order pictures online by visiting dorianstudio.com and searching for Fowler Middle School - Tigard, OR. Your online order can be placed before and up to four (4) days after picture day.

    A personalized access key will be sent home with picture delivery. A $7 shipping and handling fee will be added to all orders made with a personalized access key and orders will ship directly to your home.

    Picture Day Tips