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    Why Have Site Councils?

    Development began in the 1980s to:

    • Share decision-making processes at the local level - Importance of diverse and balanced representation
    • Broaden involvement of the community
    • Establish and achieve loftier goals • Improve implementation of strategies
    • Enhance the "culture" within the school

    Where Do Site Councils Fit In?

    Collaborate with the Principal on:

    • School goals (aligned with district goals and measures of success)
    • Criteria or plan for professional growth for staff
    • Grant writing regarding school improvement
    • Establish operating procedures for the council

    What Will Be Our Focus?

    • Build upon past success/strengths
    • Prioritize targets
    • Brainstorm strategies
    • Engage other resources in the community
    • Share, share, share (ideas, responsibilities, encouraging words, etc.)