Attendance Hotline English y Español - 503-431-5631 - please have your student's ID ready

Attendance Area at Tualatin High School

Attendance Guidelines

  • Oregon law requires parents/guardians to see that children between the ages of 7 and 18 years attend school regularly. It is the legal responsibility of the parent to have their children in school, and ensure the student attends school regularly and in a timely manner (Reference: ORS 339.010-339.020). This responsibility lies with the student as well.

    How to excuse an absence?

    Parents/guardians are requested to call the Attendance Hotline at 503-431-5630 in advance of an absence.
    Please have your student ID# ready.
    Excused absences include:

    • Personal illness, medical, psychological, and dental care
    • Illness or death in the family
    • Family emergencies
    • Release time for religious instruction
    • Observance of religious holidays
    • Pre-arranged absences
    • School-sponsored activities

    For general attendance questions, please call Debbie Harrison, 503-431-5631

    What if I forgot to call in advance of an absence? 

    Please call the attendance hotline, 503-431-5630, within 48 hours to excuse an absence.
    Under Oregon State Law, parents are responsible for maintaining their child’s regular school attendance.
    Verification of an absence: An excused absence must be reported by the parent or guardian responsible for the absence.

    As stated by Oregon Revised Statute 339.020, Families have 48 hours, or two school days, after the student’s return to request that an absence be excused.

Automated Daily Attendance Calls

  • We are no longer sending out automated robocalls at the end of the school day to alert you about your student missing class.

    You can check your student's attendance through ParentVue by clicking on the student's attendance tab.

    Access the ParentVue Setting to receive alerts when your student is marked absent.

    For ParentVue account information or to activate your account please contact or call 503-431-5609

Important Attendance Forms

Important Attendance Links

Distance Learning Attendance Information

  • The expectation is that your student will log in at the beginning of all online learning sessions. If a student is unable to attend their online class a parent should call the Attendance Hotline (503-431-5630) to report the absence and the student should email their teacher as soon as possible. 

    Attendance for Hybrid Model and Comprehensive Distance Learning shall use the same guidelines. Students who interact with staff in a manner that involves two-way communication shall be counted as present for the class period. Interaction can be evidenced by any of the following or reasonable equivalents: 

    • Participating in a video class.
    • Communication from the student to the teacher or instructional assistant via chat, text message, or email.
    • A phone call with the student.
    • Posting completed coursework to a learning management system or web-based platform or via email.
    • Turning in completed coursework on a given day.
    • When there is no evidence of student interaction during a 24-hour period surrounding a scheduled school day as described, students are reported as absent. 

    When there is no evidence of student interaction during a 24-hour period surrounding a scheduled school day as described, students are reported as absent.

     ODE Distance Learning Guidelines