• Welcome to our Deer Creek Elementary STEAM class webpage!  Here you will find information about what we are learning in our classroom and things that you can do at home to help continue the learning.  We will also use this page to post directions to things that we made in class.  Let's get to learning more about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathmatics (STEAM)!

  • Bubble Solution Recipe

    1/2 cup dish soap (We used Dawn in class, any dish soap will work as long as it is NOT an Ultra formula)


    3 cups distilled water (Distilled water is just water without any of the impurities, it works the best but tap water can also be used)


    1 tbsp glycerin OR 1/8 cup of corn sryup (We used glycerin in class, it can be found in a pharmacy or sometimes in a baking section of a grocery store)


    Slowly add water to dish soap and slowly stir together.  Once the solution is mixed add the glycerin OR corn starch and slowly mix together.  The solution gets better if allowed to sit for a couple of hours!