• Did you know you can earn money for Durham while you shop?

    When you use Scrip each of the participating businesses donates a percentage of what you spend to Durham Elementary. Grocery stores like Haggen, Fred Meyer, Safeway, New Seasons and Albertsons donate between 3% and 7%. You don't spend a dime more than you would have spent anyway and you support the school at the same time! All of the money earned is used by the PSO to support valuable needs of Durham.

    Scrip is not just for groceries! You can buy gift cards to your favorite stores, pay for dinners out, get your oil changed, and handle those home improvement and decorating projects using scrip. Just fill out your order and turn it in on Monday morning before 9:00 am. You can either send it with your child or drop it in the office. Your scrip will be available on Thursday. You can either pick it up in the office or have it sent home with your child. 

    So start using Scrip today and make a difference for Durham Elementary! 


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