• September 2018

    Welcome to Durham Elementary, home of the Roadrunners!

    My name is Rhett Boudreau. I'm entering my fifth year as principal of Durham Elementary. I love my school. The historical roots of education in the Durham community run very deep. The first school opened in Durham in 1889. The school was replaced by what is now the Durham Center (located in front of present day Durham Elementary) in 1919. Durham Elementary as it exists today was built in 1989.

    The strength of Durham lies within its students, staff and community. I'm privileged to work each day with an outstanding and dedicated teaching staff; diverse, fun-loving and hardworking students; along with an active and supportive community of caring adults form the backbone of an exceptional learning environment.

    Our mission is...
    The Durham community works together to educate each and every student and nurture the whole child within a safe environment.

    Daily the staff at Durham work to ensure that each and every student grow and develop all of their potential. Students are instilled with the belief and understanding that hard work and effort are what enable them to achieve success. We have a sharp focus on literacy. To that end we make absolutely sure that when our students complete their experience at Durham they possess the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century. You'll find art, music and PE alive and well at Durham.

    At its heart Durham is all about creating the necessary environment for students to excel. Within our walls you'll find a highly experienced and caring staff, a supportive community who cares deeply about their children, and great group of kids who care for, and about each other. We all work concert to make Durham the wonderful school that it is.

    If you're a long-time parent or community member, thank you for your continued support. If you are new to the Durham community please come on in, introduce yourself and say hello. If you are a student, keep working hard to carry on the exceptional tradition of education at Durham. 

    All the best,