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  • Giraffes Can't Dance

    by Giles Andreae Year Published: 2012

    Gerald the Giraffe wants to dance like all the other animals. From the kindness of another, he learns how to dance by finding his own tune.

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  • The Black Book of Colors

    by Menena Cottin & Rosana Faria Year Published: 2008

    This is a story meant to be explored with your fingers, not your eyes. This extraordinary book allows sighted readers to experience colors the way blind people do: through the other senses. 

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  • Elmer

    by David McKee Year Published: 1989

    A story to share about accepting and appreciating our physical differences among others.

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  • One

    by Kathryn Otoshi Year Published: 2008

    Blue is a quiet color. Red's a hothead who likes to pick on Blue. Yellow, Orange, Green, and Purple don't like what they see, but what can they do? When no one speaks up, things get out of hand — until One comes along and shows all the colors how to stand up, stand together, and count.

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  • Multi-Cultural Fair Parent/Family Planning Meeting

    It’s time to start planning! ALL families are welcome to join as we need volunteers to make this day a success! Our fair will be held on April 26, 2019.

    January 24, 2019  5:30-6:30pm Mary Woodward Library

    (Light refreshments will be provided)


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