• Head lice news


    Dear Byrom Families,

                 Head Lice at school are a common problem. In November, I reached out to families regarding preventative measures to reduce the transmission of lice at home and school. Lice transmitions at school is rare because we do not intentionally plan activities where children touch their heads together and we make efforts to keep children's personal items separated. Typical lice transmission happens when children share clothing, bedding, combs, or actual head-to-head contact.

                 Although head lice are not considered a threat to the health of children, we recognize the effort and attention to detail it takes to identify and eliminate lice. In the event that we learn of a lice outbreak, we will examine specific students impacted, and the office will then notify families in the classroom(s) via a letter from the principal. If live lice are present. During a lice outbreak you can help by checking your child's head daily and treating any infestations as soon as possible. If you find lice at home, please notify the school. Together we can mitigate this common nuisance.

    Have a Great Week Bobcat Families!