• Alternative Education and Transitions

    CE2 - Community Experiences for Career Education- a full-time alternative to the traditional high school curriculum

    Community Experience for Career Education.  It is an alternative education program in the Tigard-Tualatin School District which gives students an opportunity to develop job skills through practical experience while also earning core credits through an independent study program which targets their specific needs.  Tualatin High School (CE)2 works with over 50 community partners in giving students a variety of workplace experiences while earning credit toward their regular high school diploma.

    Transitions program designed to meet the needs of freshmen and sophomore students struggling in a regular educational setting

    small class size
    student driven curriculum
    high degree of personal attention and support
    students meet for one period, every day, throughout the entire school year 
    credits can be earned in English, Math, Health, Focus, Social Studies, and/or electives 

    Students interested in joining the Transitions Program must complete an application with a counselor and must consent to drug testing.


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