Alternative Education and Transitions

  • CE2 stands for Community Experiences for Career Education.

    CE2 is a full-time alternative to the traditional high school curriculum and operates under the 21st Century Academy in the Tigard-Tualatin School District. As our name implies, the community plays an important role in the learning that takes place here. Students spend about three-fourths of their school time learning in various ways at job sites in the community. (CE)2 is designed to enrich the students learning with experiences of many kinds. The quality and quantity of these experiences will be limited only by the students imagination and enthusiasm. While the students are out on community sites they are encouraged to actually "do" the things they are learning about.

    The Transitions program is designed to meet the needs of freshman and sophomore students who struggle in a regular education setting. 

    Key elements of the Program include:  small class size, student driven curriculum, as well as a high degree of personal attention and support.  Students in the Transitions Program meet for one period, every day, throughout the entire school year   Depending on a student’s needs, credits can be earned in English, Math, Health, Focus, Social Studies, and/or electives.  Students interested in joining the Transitions Program must complete an application with a counselor, and must consent to drug testing.


    Dwight, Kale` 503.431.5678 CE2 Teacher
    Hastin, Rob 503.431.5697 CE2 Teacher
    Lieuallen, Chris 503.431.5677   CE2 Teacher
    Glackin, Gwyn 503.431.5675 CE2 Secretary
    Kish, Kirsten 503.431.5590 Transitions Teacher, Dept Head