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Talented And Gifted

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TAG Philosophy

The Tigard-Tualatin School District is committed to educational services that recognize the unique value, needs, and talents of TAG students. Recognizing the diversity of the students we serve, we believe that giftedness is not defined by race, gender, or language. Central to this commitment is evidence-based instruction that is designed to meet the needs of academically talented and intellectually gifted students.

Gifted students.....

  • are individuals with unique patterns of abilities and interests.
  • benefit from spending time with peers with similar abilities and interests.
  • must be provided instruction in core curriculum at their level and rate of learning.
  • may need support and guidance to address their unique, academic, social, and emotional needs.

TAG Identification

2023-24 TTSD TAG Service Plan

Our focus as a district is to meet the needs of our TAG students, families, and teachers by implementing the following three phases of our TAG Service Plan in the 2023-24 school year.

TTSD 2023-24 TAG Service Plan

Tigard-Tualatin School District 
TAG Service Plan Overview

Phase 1: Building Partnerships

  • Teachers learn about TAG students’ areas of eligibility and suggested services
  • TAG Family/Student Feedback collected and shared with teachers
  • TAG services are communicated by teachers in Team TAG Plan or High School TAG Instructional Plan

Phase 2: Planning for Student Success

  • TAG services planned and provided by classroom teachers through differentiation for assessed rate and level
  • Teachers are prepared to discuss and gather feedback on differentiated instructional opportunities

Phase 3: Continuing Development and Reflection

  • Ongoing professional development opportunities offered to teachers
  • Collection of perspective from TAG students, families, and staff used to create the following year’s TAG Services Plan

TAG Services

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Elementary TAG Specialists Contact Information, School & Schedule

TAG Specialist

Contact Information

Schools & Schedule

Melissa Juskowiak

Bridgeport Elementary - Tuesdays
Metzger Elementary - Wednesdays

Lyia Dellerba

Byrom Elementary - Mondays
C.F. Tigard Elementary - Tuesdays

Karen Hughart

Alberta Rider Elementary - Tuesdays
Templeton Elementary - Wednesdays

Stephanie Clarke

Deer Creek Elementary - Tuesday
Woodward Elementary - Wednesday

Caroline (Carrie) Cordes

Tualatin Elementary - Tuesdays
Durham Elementary - Wednesdays

Karissa Reed

Art Rutkin Elementary - Tuesdays,

Wednesdays, .5 Thursdays


Secondary TAG Building Leaders


TAG Building Leaders

Contact Information

Twality Middle School

Gwen Stover

Hazelbrook Middle School

Christopher Harvey-Foltz

Fowler Middle School

Cindy Pellicci

Tigard High School

Melissa Baran

Tualatin High School

Brooke Mayo

TTVA Middle & High School

Jenifer DeWolf


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