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Educator Candidates/Student Teachers

Welcome Educator Candidates!

Congratulations on your placement as a Student Teacher with Tigard Tualatin School District.

Before you begin your experience, please complete the following requirements:

  1. Obtain TTSD Email, Synergy & Canvas Accounts
    • Send an email to your TTSD teacher sponsor with this link to complete the TTSD External Contractor Form  ( and
    • Request they complete this form ASAP for BOTH an email and Synergy account for you.  
      • You will receive your TTSD account credentials through your sponsor teacher
      • In your new TTSD email account, you will receive an invitation to complete the Synergy 101 Training.  Upon completion of this training, you will receive access to your teacher sponsor's classroom(s) in Synergy.
  2. Obtain a TTSD badge-  TTSD Badge Instructions
  3. Complete the student teacher Google form Educator Candidate Survey 
  4. Complete the following Mandatory Training-

Please direct questions from June 20th- August 12th to Ashley Richins@

*If you do NOT have a current placement with TTSD, your University Coordinator will need to submit a formal written request to Heather DeVille, District Placement Coordinator at