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Anti-Racist Books for Adults

Adult Book List

book, how to be an anti-racist

How to Be Anti-Racist

Historian and New York Times best-selling author Ibram X. Kendi uses a mix of personal experiences, history, and science to show how a person can go from being a racist to anti-racist, and how we can all build a new anti-racist society. 

Book, so you want to talk about race

So You Want to Talk About Race

ljeomo Oluo's New York Times best-seller shows people of all races how to have constructive and useful conversations about race in America.  It answers questions about confronting friends and family members while providing a comprehensive education on this country's racist heritage.  

Book- white fragility

White Fragility

In her book White Fragility, anti-racism educator Robin Diangelo examines how white defensive responses to conversations about race and racism reinforce inequality and prevent meaningful dialogue.  She then offers ways white people can work against white fragility to engage in more constructive ways.