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PEF information

Professional Educator Fund (PEF)

The objective of the Professional Educator Fund (PEF) is to provide members money to individually allocate towards professional development, instructional supplies or school-related expenses.  (Art. 7, D).

* 22-23 PEF Information Document 

For PEF balance and questions, contact your building/department bookkeeper. *Reminder - anything purchased with PEF funds is TTSD property and items offsite for remote & virtual learning will need to be returned to the school/District. 

Turn in the completed application form & receipts or order info to your building bookkeeper.

23-24 PEF Application

23-24 PEF Additional Funds Request

22-23 Technology Equipment Purchasing Standards

  • 2023-24 Allocation for 1.0 FTE is $888.56. Allocation for 0.5 - 0.99 FTE is prorated according to FTE (example 0.67 FTE = $595.34). Must be at least 0.5 FTE to receive PEF funds.
  • Maximum rollover from 22-23 into 23-24 was $666.42.
  • 2023-24 PEF cost for full day sub is $222.14, half-day is $111.07.
  • Enter absence into Aesop. The PEF absence is listed as “PEF FUNDS Prof Dev”.


Aesop Selection


  • Complete PEF application for absence and turn in to your building/department attendance secretary.
  • Sub costs will not be deducted from your PEF balance until the week after your absence. Please keep this in mind while tracking your balance.
  • If changes to your absence are needed please contact your building/department attendance secretary.
  • PEF Purchasing Options:
    • Reimbursement
      • Reimbursement requests must be received within 60 days
      • Itemized receipts showing date of purchase & payment method required
      • Items that must connect to a District server/program are not reimbursable and must be purchased through the District
    • Order through the District
    • Purchasing card (p-card)
    • Walk-thru PO

For PEF balance and questions, contact your building/department bookkeeper. 

**Note: Per IRS Code 26 CFR 1.62 & the TTEA Contract, all reimbursement requests must be received within 60 days.  Requests submitted beyond 60 days will not be reimbursed. 

**Mileage - as of 1/01/2024 mileage rate is $0.67.