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Student Acts of Physical Aggression or Violence Policy Community Input

Community Engagement and Feedback

Student Acts of Aggression or Violence Policy Work

Update from February 5th community work session

Administrators were tasked to get feedback and insights from their constituent groups (i.e. leaders, staff, students, families, and community partners), as the policy and administrative rules (AR) will impact them once implemented. The goal and objective of receiving the feedback was to be proactive in drafting an administrative rule that takes into consideration the potential impact on school communities. Administrators had between January 12th - February 1st to facilitate the school group feedback sessions. 

Prior to February 5th, schools that led a review session with their constituent groups, were invited to participate in the work session charged with the following:

  • Share the feedback and insights from constituent groups
  • Share thinking about the anatomy of the AR
  • Share next steps for convening a writing committee to draft the AR

Next step for the Process

  • A writing committee is being finalized to draft the final AR draft
  • Administrative Rules proposal will be shared during the TTSD School Board Meeting on Feb. 26th