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Interim/Permanent Superintendent Search


Search for an Interim Superintendent.

Adopted Interim Superintendent Search Calendar:

March 11, 2024:  Take Public Comment on the Qualities & Qualifications of the interim Superintendent.

March 18 & 25, 2024

  • Take Public Comment on the Qualities & Qualifications of the Interim Superintendent.
  • Discuss & adopt desired qualities and qualifications (Policy CBA)
  • Create a salary range and contract parameters
  • Determine search process for interim superintendent
  • Determine process to review RFP

April 4, 2024:  Begin review of search firm RFPs

April 8, 2024: Committee will recommend search firm at Regular public board meeting.

April 15, 2024: Special public board meeting for search firm to recommend & explain a possible shift in our search process and offer a "hybrid" search option.

April 29, 2024: (In Executive Session)
Screen candidates & select for interviews

April 30 - May 9, 2024: (In Executive Session)

  • Conduct internet & social media checks on upcoming interviewees;
  • Conduct interviews
  • Select finalist(s)

May 9 - 13, 2024:  Negotiate Contract with "first choice" candidate.

May 20, 2024: (In Regular Public Meeting)

  • Vote to hire candidate/approve contract in open public meeting;
  • Announce selection.

Before July 1, 2024: Create transition plan for new executive and board.

July 1, 2024: COSA mentoring program provided to the new executive.