Partnering with City of Tigard and City of Tualatin for a Community Review of School Resource Officers

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    School Resource Officer Program Review Report Joint Presentation

    November 30, 5:30 PM
    was streamed live on the

    TTSD Youtube Channel 

    November 30th Artifacts

    Joint Presentation for November 30th 

    Tigard-Tualatin School Resource Officer Program Report




    Based on the feedback from listening sessions, interviews, community and student surveys, and the community review process, it is the recommendation of the partners to continue with a newly structured SRO program.  Additionally, we recommend that TTSD convene a Steering Committee including representation from TTSD District Admin, Building Admin, Staff, Students, Tigard Police Department, Tualatin Police Department, Families, and TTSD’s community partners from community-based organizations. 


     The suggested timeline for completing this process is April 1, 2021


    Special attention will be given to creating opportunities in the program where SRO’s will meet regularly with student affinity groups, attend school assemblies for introductions and explanation of their roles, be present at staff meetings to create a new level of partnership with the staff, and be accessible to parents through scheduled meetings times such as during school conference times or community engagement opportunities. 


    Next Steps:

    Tigard Police Department, Tualatin Police Department, and TTSD will be working to develop a work plan and reach out to those here interested in being a part of the Steering Committee to review our plan along the way.  

    Our area of focus will be the crosswalk of the following as highlighted from our Joint Session:

    • Relationship Development with Students and Families - Intentional focus on underserved communities (racial affinity groups, students in foster care, students and families navigating houselessness, students with disabilities)
    • Health & Safety 
      • Physical
      • Social/Emotional and Mental Health and Well-being
    • Transparency and Understanding of SRO’s role in the community
      • Broad communication to staff, students, families, and community
      • Locally outreach and communication plans for ongoing calibration and understanding of the scope of work
    • Address impact of Uniform and militarized gear
    • Professional Development: Trauma-Informed, Anti-racist and implicit bias training
    • Community outreach specifically students and families of underserved communities of color
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  • Virtual Community Listening Sessions, following the Community Information Session 

    Share about your experiences and interactions with School Resource Officers (SRO)
    Hear about others' experiences 

    Sign up to participate in one of three sessions:

    October 5, 6, and 7, 2020
    6:00 to 7:30 PM

    • Registration is required
    • Limited to 20 attendees per session
    • Spots are still available for the Wednesday, Oct 7 session


    Listening Sessions Completed

    Summary of Listening Session will be Posted Here

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  • SRO Review Oversight Committee 

    TTSD is forming an SRO Review Oversight Committee. Committee members will work in partnership with the district and city officials to participate in the community process and review all feedback that is collected. The Committee will then contribute to the recommendation defining the future role and relationship between the SRO and TTSD. The Review Committee will be made up of district and city representatives as well as parents, students, and community partners.

    The process will take place between October 12th - 30th (updated information below) 11/6/20

    Dates for the SRO Community Review Sessions will be

    October 15th, 6 pm - 8 pm Slide Deck Presentation here
    October 21st, 6 pm - 8 pm Slide Deck Presentation here
    November 2nd, 5 pm - 8 pm Slide Deck Presentation here

    Data and Information from Committee Session will show up here following each week of the committee's meeting

    Committee’s Charge:

    • Committee’s Charge:
      This committee will review data and feedback from our student and family affinity groups. 

    • The committee will review how our partnership with SROs align with TTSD's goals and priorities on Social Emotional Wellness, Culturally Responsive Practices, and intentional focus on Equity.

    • The committee will extract themes and summarize the data by vetting summaries with stakeholders across our community who have varying perspectives. Ensuring as a collective community we are representing all of our students and families. Especially those who have historically been underserved.
    • The committee will process, summarize, interpret, and share community recommendations about how our partnership with SROs should look given the multiple perspectives, needs, and expectations.

    Week 1 The Committee will convene and discuss the charge of the committee and learn about historical context and current reality.

    Week 2 The Committee will review data about the current reality of our SRO program exploring the Context of TTSD, Content: Quantitative data, and Impact: Qualitative data.

    Week 3 The Committee will process information and summarize recommendations that came from the community. Committee's Recommendations Here and

    2nd Thought Recommendations Here  


     SRO Oversight

    SRO Review Oversight Committee Sign-up is now Closed