• In-District Transfers: In-District Transfers are transfers between schools within TTSD. The in-district transfer process applies to TTSD residents only. 

    Limited space is currently available within our schools. In-district transfer requests will be approved on a space-available basis and require written approval by both principals. Students who wish to apply to attend a district school other than their “home school” must submit a formal transfer request.

    • Upon approval to attend a TTSD school, please reach out to the school you are requesting to attend, to begin the enrollment process.
      Failure to enroll within 10 days of receiving an approval letter from TTSD will result in a revocation of the transfer and you will have to reapply for the next school year and attend your boundary school. 

     Applications for In-District Transfers are evaluated throughout the year. 

    Please complete the in-district application below to request a transfer from your "home school":