• In-District Transfers: In-District Transfers are transfers between schools within TTSD. The in-district transfer process applies to TTSD residents only. 

    Limited space is currently available within our schools. In-district transfer requests will be approved on a space-available basis and require written approval by both principals. Students who wish to apply to attend a district school other than their “home school” must submit a formal transfer request.

    • Upon approval to attend a TTSD school, please reach out to the school you are requesting to attend, to begin the enrollment process.
      Failure to enroll and/or connect with the approved school within 10 days of receiving an approval letter from TTSD will result in a revocation of the transfer and you will have to reapply for the next school year and attend your boundary school. 

     Applications for In-District Transfers are evaluated throughout the year. 

    Please review this ' Quick Reference Guide ' for the In-District Transfer Process.
    After reviewing the Quick Reference Guide linked above, complete this in-district application: 2022-23 School Year Form  to request a transfer from your "Neighborhood boundary school" for the 22-23 school year.

    Following the guidance in OAR 581-021-0019(1)(c) the district will use the following criteria when considering a hardship request: 

    1. The student is impacted by a parent or guardian's military deployment;
    2. The student is experiencing instability related to homelessness or foster care placement;
    3. The student has a documented medical condition that necessitates transfer;
    4. Death of a student's parent;
    5. The student does not have access to safe and affordable childcare in the resident district; or
    6. The student is involved in a documented case of severe harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying.