Technology Support

  • Using Devices for Distance Learning

    Elementary Parents/Students:

    1. EACH DAY, on all TTSD iPads, students must log into the "TTSD Web Filter" app to connect to the internet and use the apps on that iPad.
    2. Log in through CLEVER app for SeeSaw, RazKids, Adelante, etc.
    3. Use the RED Epic icon. Contact teacher for class code.


    Parent / Student Distance Learning Parent Knowledgebase for Technology Questions & Answers

    General Notes:

    • Most internet accessible home devices can be used for TTSD's distance learning.
    • At TTSD, all students have devices assigned to them. 
      • iPads for grades K-8, Chromebooks for grades 9-12.  
      • Arrangements can be made for you to pick up your child's device through your school or the Technology Support Help Desk @ 503-431-4051
    • All TTSD devices are subject to the TTSD Internet filter even off campus.
    • For grades K-8, there is an evening curfew that begins at 10pm.  Internet use on TTSD devices for students in grades K-8 will not work after 10pm.
    • Please note, live stream & video sessions require additional bandwidth. 


Interpretation Services

  • If you need interpretation services, please call our English Language Learner (ELL) Department at: (503)431-4123 (English)

    Si necesita servicios de intérprete, favor de llamar al Departamento de Aprendizaje del Idioma Inglés (ELL) al: (503)431-4123 (Spanish)

    Haddii aad u baahantahay adeegga turjumaan, fadlan u wac Qaybta Barashada Luqada Ingrisiga ee Tel: (503)431-4123 (Somalí)

    (503)431-4123 (Arabic)

    Nếu như ông/bà cần dịch vụ thông dịch, xin vui lòng gọi bộ phận English Language Learner (ELL) của chúng tôi tại: (503) 431-4123 (Vietnamese)      

    若您需要語言翻譯服務,請聯絡我們的英語學習部門(ELL),電話:(503)431-4123。 (Chinese)

    Ika pwe ke mochen an emon epwe anisuk non pekin chiaku kose mochen kopwe kokori ei nampa: (503)431-4123 (Chuukese)

    Если Вы нуждаетесь в услугах переводчика, тогда, пожалуйста, звоните в наш Отдел для изучающих английский язык (English Language Learner- ELL), по номеру телефона:  (503)431-4123 (Russian)

    N͂e kwoj aikuj jiban͂ ilo ukok, joij im call etok wopij in an kajin In͂lij ak English Language Learner (ELL) ilo: 503-431-4123 (Marshallese)

    통역 서비스가 필요하시면 저희의 영어 언어 학습(ELL) 부서로 전화주십시오:  (503)431-4123 (Korean)