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  • The 2017-2021 "Redefining Learning Program" (TTSD's Instructional Technology Plan) establishes a timeline by which all students will experience personalized learning opportunities that incorporate the 4 C’s (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication) into their educational experience. By 2021, all TTSD students will participate in the Redefining Learning Program that emphasizes: college and career readiness skills, equity & accessibility and high-quality transformative instruction.  Strategic investment in instructional coaching, modeling of best practice and a shift in culture that allows for innovation will provide leaders, teachers and students with support through the program phases. Upon completion of the four phases of implementation, the ultimate goal is improved academic success through redefined instructional practice.


  • TTSD Redefining Learning Program Vision:

    By using technology to transform instruction, we will provide all students with a challenging K-12 learning environment that is differentiated across the curriculum.