• SICK STUDENTS.  Please send with a pass or escort if unsteady. Call Kristie Bullock (5603) if the student requires a wheelchair escort. Call 911 if it is a medical emergency and then call Kristie Bullock to notify her of the student name and that a call has been made. 
    • STUDENTS WITH MEDICATIONS.  These students have parent/doctor protocols in place with our nurse, Nancy Haning.  
    • STUDENTS WITH BREAK PASS ACCOMMODATIONS. Students with break passes will now report directly to THE DEN. They will not walk the halls/wander. Their time and activities will be monitored.
    • STUDENTS WITH CLASSROOM INCIDENTS- LOW LEVEL.  Students having difficulty regulating, disrupting after multiple interventions, etc. may be sent with and an Incident Report (at teacher discretion). They will be expected to regulate and identify why they were unable to access the support provided in the classroom setting (by the teacher).  Den-level interventions will be tracked. You may follow up with Sarah Wheeler regarding these incidents and can expect communication from an adult who engages with them in this space. 


    • PHONES. If you need to confiscate a student phone, please bring it to The Den and give it to Kristie Bullock. 
    • ATTENDANCE CONCERNS.  Marie Estrada and Sarah Wheeler are both tasked with addressing reengagement. Please reach out to either one of them if you are concerned about a student who is habitually missing your class despite efforts to intervene. 
    • CIRCLES SUPPORT. Sarah Wheeler is a trainer and can support you / your class in with running a circle. 
    • CONFLICT RESOLUTION and TRAUMA INFORMED CARE.  Nearly every staff will be trained in both areas. Reports or prior trauma, bullying, or conflict can be referred to The DEN. 
    • SRO’s. Our Tualatin School Resource Officers are available to support with issues tied to school safety, crimes, and classroom presentations. 


    • HIGH-LEVEL INCIDENTS- For classroom or hallway incidents that involve safety (threats, illicit substances, direct, biased-language, weapons), please call Christi McCauley (5604). A security person/administrator will be sent to your room immediately. You may follow up with the administrator attached to the student’s alpha regarding these incidents. You may be asked to write up your observations of the incident or write an Incident Referral. 


    • POSTED AROUND THE BUILDING. Monitoring the vestibule and two other high-traffic areas during class time.  
    • SAFETY RESPONSE.  Responding to medical and safety incidents that arise throughout the building. 
    • PARKING / BUSES. Supporting the ingress and egress of students safely. 
    • LUNCH MONITORING. Roving monitoring of student activity during lunches.
Last Modified on October 15, 2019