Kindergarteners riding the bus

  • Kindergarteners will NOT be dropped off at their bus stops after school unless there is an authorized adult or older sibling there to greet them. If your student is going to daycare after school, the daycare provider must be at the stop to greet the child. Kindergarteners will be wearing name tags ( provided by the school) to make sure they are delivered to the right stop.

student at bus stop

How to get to school

    • Transportation is provided for all students living outside their schools one-mile walking radius. Stops are usually at the end of the street. Bus route information will be available on the district website and at the school before school starts. 
    • If you are walking or biking to school, kindergarteners must be accompanied by an adult, and students will only be released to an authorized adult.

Arriving at the bus stop

  • Students should arrive at their bus stop a few minutes early to be certain of catching their bus. Students who have more than one place where they are picked up or dropped off during the week, must go to the nearest bust stop that is already in place.