School Board Meetings

  • Tigard-Tualatin School District 23J
    2021-22 School Board Meeting Schedule

    Link to view School Board Meetings On Youtube 


    NOTICE:  Effective May 24, 2021:  The TTSD Board will hold in person board meetings beginning with the May 24, 2021 Regular Board meeting and all board meetings will continue to be live streamed on the TTSD YouTube webpage.  


    How to Submit a Public Comment (Update to Process, effective 5/24/2021) 

    For In Person Meetings:  All public comments will be made in person.  Please email Patty Roberts @ to sign-up for in person public comment by 4:00 PM on Board meeting day.  Include your name, community, and the reason/topic for your public comment.  Public comments will be shared with the Board during the public comments portion of the meeting and are limited to three (3) minutes.  You should be brief and concise.  Speakers may offer objective criticism of district operations or programs, but the Board will not hear complaints concerning specific district personnel. If the public comment agenda exceeds 30 minutes, time for the remainder of the public comments will be provided at the end of the meeting.


    Public comments will follow: BoardPolicy BDDH – Public Comments at Board Meetings

    All meetings of the Board, with the exception of executive sessions, will be open to the public. The Board invites community members of the district to attend Board meetings so that they may become acquainted with the program and operation of the schools. Members of the public are also encouraged to share their ideas and opinions with the Board when appropriate.   Public comments should be brief and concise, not to exceed three (3) minutes.     

    Comments Regarding Staff Members 

    Speakers may offer objective criticism of school operations and programs. The Board will not hear comments regarding any individual district staff member nor any person connected with the school system. Community members seeking to make comments regarding an individual are directed to the appropriate procedures in Board policy KL – Public Complaints for Board consideration of a legitimate complaint involving such individuals. The association contract governing the employee’s rights will be followed. A commendation involving a staff member should be sent to the superintendent, who will forward it to the employee, his/her supervisor and the Board.


    For access to detailed agenda information regarding each Board meeting, click on the Board meeting date link.