Mathematics Philosophy

Curriculum - Elementary Mathematics

  • Math Expressions Common Core

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018

TWI Curriculum

Scope and Sequence - Elementary Mathematics

Math Screening Tests

  • Math Assessments Grade Level Description
    Missing Number  K Students are presented with a a sequence of numbers with one number removed.  This task measures number recognition and sequencing.
    Math Fluency  1-5

    Timed, paper-pencil tests that contain a random sample of the basic math facts. It measures overall mathematical competence through accuracy and fluency. 

    Math Fluency Benchmarks - Updated 2018-19

    Math Fluency Percentiles

Assessments - Elementary Mathematics

Curriculum - Secondary Mathematics

  • Ed Gems

    6th Grade - 8th Grade 



    Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II - Mathematics Vision Project

Scope and Sequence - Secondary Mathematics

Course Proposal Process

Assessments - Secondary Mathematics

Mathematics TOSA

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