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  • School health services are provided in order to ensure that students' health related needs are addressed so that children are able to attend school and learn. Accomplishing this goal requires teachers, administrators, community health professionals, and families to work together to meet individual student needs. School health services allow children with special health needs to attend school. Health services protect the health of the school community as a whole through attention to infectious disease control and implementation of immunization laws. 

    School health services are implemented by school nurses, secretaries, administrators, teachers, and instructional assistants. The services include screening, tracking, identification and assessment of health related needs, health education programs, administration of medication and, implementation of health plans and risk management.  

    Each of our schools is served part-time by a registered nurse who coordinates those services at the school. The nurse reviews student information, works with school staff members, community health professionals, and families to meet students' needs. 

    All health services are provided under specific procedures that are followed district wide. Parents are encouraged to contact the school principal or nurse if their student has a health condition that requires services at school. This includes the use of ANY medication at school. 

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