General Teaching Strategies

young student building a social story
  • Although knowing the general characteristics of ASD is helpful, teaching strategies for students with ASD still need to be individualized.  It is important for teachers to realize their expectations of their students. Children with ASD often have visual-spatial strengths. Knowing this, teachers can modify their instructional strategies in a number of ways.

    First, teachers should demonstrate and model expected skills. For example, if the teacher wants a student with ASD to place his book bag in his cubby when he gets to class in the morning, the teacher should demonstrate exactly how to do this. 

    Next, teachers should provide visual schedules of the day’s events in a location easily seen by the student. A visual schedule can be written out and/or paired with picture symbols to increase understanding. A teacher can also provide individual student schedules attached to the student’s desk for accessibility. If you need an individual visual schedule for a student, please contact your learning specialist. 

Additional Examples of Visual Schedules