Tualatin High School Health Room

  • The nurse is in only on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  Prescription or non-prescription medication must be delivered to the Health Room by the parent and may be administered by health room staff.  The medicine must be in the original container and appropriate documentation must be provided or completed.

    General Medication Policies

    Every student must have current medical emergency information on file.  Annually, a Student Profile will be sent home, please verify all information, health conditions or medications and emergency contacts.  If information needs to be updated, please make changes and return Student Profile to school as soon as possible.  
    All medication information must be on record in the Health Room even if your student self medicates.  Those who do self medicate must have the appropriate forms on file and should only carry the recommended dose for that day.
    If a student needs to be given medication by school staff, forms must be complete and accompanied by a doctor’s statement.

    Please review our Administration of Medication Policies.

Washington County-Annual School Letter

Last Modified on February 11, 2020