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    www.testprepreview.com  Provides practice questions, study guides and flash cards for both the SAT and ACT tests.

    www.4tests.com  Practice tests for SAT, ACT, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP U.S. History, PSAT and SAT II History.

    www.satexamprep.com  Free SAT study guide with practice tests.  Free online SAT prep course.

    www.act.org   Practice test questions.  Five sets of questions for English, Math, & Science.  Four sets of questions for reading.  Sample writing prompts and responses.

    www.collegeboard.com  SAT practice questions, questions of the day and practice tests.

    www.majortests.com  SAT prep includes 10 practice tests for sentence completion, 14 practice tests for reading c comprehension, 11 practice tests for grammar, 12 practice tests for math problem solving, 12 practice tests for student -produced  response questions (grid-ins) 10 vocabulary word lists with 100 words each, and essay formats, sample essays and practice essay topics.